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Visit the GM, IDD, DOT, and WOW  Empowerment Series, plus Prophecy, Spiritual Keys & Lessons, IA, PP and more...


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Reuben Rai



Dear Brothers and Sisters, greetings once again from Nepal. Thank you so much for your prayers.


  Reuben Rai

  Nepal Nepal





We have been searching one week for gas cylinder. Just a night before the program we got two cylinder of gas. Praise God. Some Bibles were given to the needy believers. We, 15 people from Kathmandu and 7 from our churches in the east, went to the annual conference. The trip was 5 hours in bus and 6 hours in hike. We went through the River which came up to our waist. At the last crossing, many of us were driven by the force of the River and all our digital and video camera were fallen in the water, some lost their money purses and others bag, but thank God camera worked out properly. We took nearly 500 good photos and 100 video clips. I am sending you only few of them.



People came walking long way distance with much difficulty for the conference. Some walked one full day just to get in conference place. People were hungry for the Word of God. We organize first day of the conference in Church but we shifted to open place because church could not contain all the believers even though some set on windows. We made plan for 250 people but there were more then 400 people. So we went out of stock of rice and meat. Just one buffalo was not enough so we purchased another one for meat and cooked 600 kgs of rice just for two days. We made plate made of tree leaves and organized a big event in little amount of money.

Annual Conference

Central Nepal

We distributed 300 blankets, 200 Bibles, and 300 pairs of slippers. Eight pastors were ordained and added to the Leadership Team. We will be running the ministry together reaching and bringing more souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. Three people received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and 19 believers were baptized in water. HALLELUJAH!




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