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Give your heart to the Lord! 

How to Hear from the LORD



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Salvation from sin is the greatest gift a person

can receive from the Lord.




“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

JOHN 3:16 (KJV)





Jesus Christ is a Person. He is God. He died for you. He shed His blood for your sins. He created you and He came to give meaning to your life.  No matter how hard a person tries to achieve something in life, the life of a person as a whole can never fulfill its appointed purpose, without the person knowing his Creator. He is the one that gave us our life.




Every person is born in sin. Sin is not only an action that is contrary to given moral standards. Sin is first and foremost a condition in which a person does not know his/her Creator and thus, they are not functioning in the purpose for which they have been created.



The Lord has a plan for each person’s life and everybody that strays from that plan and walks in their own ways instead, is missing the purpose for which they had been created.



This is sin – to miss God’s will and purpose for your life and walk in your own ways, ignoring your Maker.




Jesus Christ is not a religion! He is not a Church membership; He is not a doctrine, creed or tradition! He is a Person! He loves you and wants to communicate with you. He longs for your communication. 




Surrender your life to Him. There is no other name given to us under Heaven through which a person can find eternal salvation, satisfaction and purpose in life.




The heart of every person longs for Him, whether they realize it or not. There is no substitute that can fill that void – no glory, no power, no riches, no achievements or successes – only the Person of Jesus Christ who gave His life, so you can have life. The rightful and deserving punishment for our sins is eternal death, but Jesus came to give eternal life to all who will choose to believe in Him.




All you have to do is to invite Him to come in your life and He will do it. This will be the greatest and most important decision you’ll ever have to make in life. Jesus will come and will enter in your heart. That’s why, with your own words, coming out of your heart, please pray with a prayer similar to the following:




Lord, please come into my heart. I repent for my sins and ask You to forgive me, that I have not known You up until now. I want to live for You. I want to accomplish Your will and purpose in my life. I want to serve You. Please come! Lord Jesus, I believe with my heart that You came to this Earth, died on the Cross for my sins and were raised from the dead on the third day.



Thank You for Your love towards me. Amen!



If this prayer has come out of your heart with faith, you have just become a member of God’s family, consisting of millions of believers all over the world.






Nikola Dimitrov

Bible Teacher, Translator

“Life in Glory” Apostolic Christian Center

Bourgas City, Bulgaria, Europe

Email: reformator@hotmail.com  


The Four in One Gospel of JESUS


LIFE OF JESUS (www.life-of-Jesus.org)

“Life in Glory” Apostolic Christian Center

Bourgas, Bulgaria, Europe

Email: reformator@hotmail.com 





Why would you try to run from the One

Who loves you so much to give His best for you?


Where would you go if you die this moment?

The Lord’s Heaven or the devil’s Hell?


The Lord loves you!

The devil hates you! Whom will you obey?

The Choice is yours!



PDF Copy for Friends and Family (printing style: booklet); DOC Copy for Friends and Family (print two pages per sheet)











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Give your heart to the Lord!

John 3:16; 2 Chronicles 7:14;1 Timothy 2:3-4; Acts 17:30



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A Vision of Caring and Sharing!

Each One! Bless One!

You Make a Difference!


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Watch Your


...they become Words.


Watch Your Words...

...they become Actions.


Watch Your Actions...

...they become Habits.


Watch Your Habits...

...they become Character.


Watch Your Character...

for it becomes Your Destiny.













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